End Times Panorama


End times.002
Image: A page from “Buried Cities” by Jennie Hall. Most of the text has been blacked out.


green fields lay covered under ash

quiet years forgotten all at once


steep with fire

does not trouble

after life.


This is an erasure poem for Yeah Write’s Challenge #353. Please join me and a bunch of other supportive writers by clicking on the badge. The original text is below:

Burried Cities by Jennie Hall

25 thoughts on “End Times Panorama

  1. I love the phrase “quiet years forgotten all at once” it sounds so tragic.
    Stellar erasure. After my attempt last week, I have so much more appreciation for ones like this that are done so well!

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  2. The notion of time not troubling with life was so stark and striking. I love that you took a text on Vesuvius and made it feel like a post-apocalyptic future. You maintained the ferociousness of the original text, while imbuing a new bleakness on it. You really do such lovely things with erasure poems.

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  3. Pryvate Parts is back! How are you so good at these? Teach me the way, sensei. I love how the time of year the world ended is hinted at with the word “green”. “Time/ steep with fire/ does not trouble/ after life” is a troublingly calm sentence to land on. It creates friction with the tone of the poem.

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  4. “Green fields lay covered under ash.” I loved this line. The entire poem was intriguing but I loved the beginning because I’m left wondering why it’s covered under ash. This is a great inspiration to try erasure poetry.

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