Hide and Seek – A Microstory

The war was over. No more yelling or angry hands. Mommy said he was gone for good this time. She bought me a box of macaroni to celebrate; called me an arteest.

This is all my fault.

Please find her, officer.  I’m running out of glue.



22 thoughts on “Hide and Seek – A Microstory

  1. I love how this story expands as you read it. I also think the punch in that last sentence lands because it is such an honest thing a kid would be worried about in that situation. Nice job, Lisa! This would be in my top 3 if it didn’t have 6 extra words in the photo.


      1. If you watch Chopped on food network, maybe think of it as a time when a chef that forgets to use one of the mandatory ingredients moves on over a chef whose dish didn’t taste as good?

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