Good Girl

Dear Diary,

Mommy finally called the doctor for my ear ouchy.  He made a house call.  This time I took off my clothes like a good girl.  Without complaining. He called me pretty, but my mom didn’t hear him.  No one did.

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42 thoughts on “Good Girl

  1. Oh wow. How could the mom not have heard him? I hope she was in the same room as him when this was going on.


  2. “No one did” is such a chilling final word for this. It must be so difficult to put yourself back into that place to write from your personal experience as a child…..but your voice is being heard now. Thank you for speaking up on such a difficult topic. Your voice is being heard, powerfully.


  3. This truly does hurt. 42 words to say so much, to share a whole realm of thoughts and emotions, to encompass so much hurt. I wish you peace, and hope this help you on your path.


  4. Damn. I like what you did with the layers of pain here: the “ear ouchy” a superficial covering over the real pain and trauma underneath. Very well done. Thank you for trusting us with this story.


    1. Thank you for the encouragement. I’ll be glad when this challenge is over. I’m pretty sure I would be fine if I never had to think about it ever again. We all have something like that in life, I suppose.


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