The Aftermath

Hey PTSD survivors. If you are having a rough time and don’t know where to turn, this is an EXCELLENT post to read. She tells her story AND provides really good resources for who to turn to when you need a helping hand. Brava “Make Me Safe”!

Make Me Safe

This pain makes me forget how to wash my hair, brush my teeth or even put on shoes. I have felt this way for a long time, since I was 16. I feel lost, confused, hurt… the emotions which I have so long ignored are coming home to roost and I am overcome with grief… I am powerless against the waves of fear, nausea and pain.

I wrote those words a couple years ago. I had just left a 5-year abusive relationship. My notebooks from around the time I left scream with anguish, confusion, panic and anger. When I left “my monster” the elaborate coping strategies which my mind had constructed over the years collapsed. Or perhaps they imploded into a black hole. Either way, I broke.

Everything up to that point in my life had been survival. I had been living in the aftermath of trauma since before I…

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