Worst Fear Realized

Insomnia’s heavy limbs and hope carry me from bed to basement couch.

Dank darkness bathes my eyes.

Worries muted.


Sleep’s delicate edge gently tickles my forehead, cheek, neck…

Broken slumber, grabbing in the blackness

A multitude of limbs not my own.




42 words to answer the question: Is something crawling on me?



40 thoughts on “Worst Fear Realized

  1. I thought there was hair on the shower wall one morning, but nope. It was one of those horrible, horrible creatures. I screamed and flailed and had no idea where it ended up. That photo you included has triggered flashbacks. Not sure I’ll sleep tonight.


    1. Right? The whole time I was writing this, I was all squished in the face. Then, looking for the image…I was literally scratching where there was no itch! I really did wake up with one on me, as I wrote. I caught it when it got to my chest and threw it across the room. Now that I’ve lived through it though, I feel like I’ll be OK if another spider crawls on me. But, I’d rather not…


  2. It’s tick season, I’m checking dogs like an airport screener when they enter. I found one on the wall after everyone had passed. To make a long story short, I usually catch the errant tick by the crawling sensation.


  3. Okay, if one of those things was on me, I would have had fainted! I used to get them on my bedroom wall in Toronto (outside wall, damp). It scary the heck out of me!

    Anyway, enough about that, I really wanted to comment that I knew I would enjoy your piece when I read “Insomnia’s heavy limbs…” That is a wonderful descriptor. Well done throughout :))


  4. Gah! I am going to have nightmares tonight. But this is so very well written – poetic, and a complete story. Really, really well done!


  5. Well, you went straight to that buried memory of when I half-woke to feel a scorpion crawling on me. Super job…but yikes!


      1. In my cozy little bed in my new-construction home in San Antonio (years ago). I can laugh about it now…and about the time that a BIG scorpion was crawling around on my hat brim while I was gardening.


    1. Thanks so much… My, my will I be glad when this challenge is over so I can put this icky post to rest! Somewhere safe where no creepy crawlers can invade my personal space. Seriously thinking of buying one of those things you plug in that keeps bugs away.


  6. Aaaaazaaacckckck. I am not afraid of bugs, generally, but OMG I detest centipedes. And here you have frightfully summoned my fear. Thanks. Not. πŸ˜‰


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